With the future at our doorstep, the need for efficient and a effective technology to meet our ever-increasing demands grow. Silver Creek Software™ has stepped up to this challenge. By building upon the state-of-the-art Visual Produce™ software and utilizing the speed and reliability of FTP services, we have created a product that allows you, the salesperson, to expand your horizons and conduct business at any time and any place.

Visual Remote utilizes our Visual Produce Sales Order (SO) module to allow salespeople to conduct business offsite. With an ever-increasing pace in all world markets, Visual Remote lets you set the bar high for your competitor’s. Visual Remote takes advantage of Laptop PC’s mobility. Orders can be created on the go with any Windows™ Laptop PC. Visual Remote is simple and easy to use, especially if the user is familiar with Visual Produce. By building on the SO module we cut complexity out of the equation to insure that Visual Remote can be used by any salesperson, at any location.

Orders created with Visual Remote can be exported to your onsite server utilizing the File Transfer Protocol. FTP can be used with any Internet connection, and allows you to export your sales orders in a safe and orderly manner. Visual Produce can automatically import these orders from you server. Upon importation, Visual Produce will insure that these orders are given a unique sales order number.

Visual Remote allows for your salespeople to outperform all others with a combination of the modern Laptop’s mobility and Visual Produce’s adaptability. With Visual Remote you not only open your company to the future, you create that future.

Silver Creek Software – Visual Remote