Silver Creek Software – Work Order Processing


Increasingly, produce distributors are realizing the potential rewards of establishing a manufacturing department within the warehouse to address the value added market for customized produce packaging and labeling. Our Fresh Pack Work Order Processing system allows managers to track and allocate inventory and costs throughout the manufacturing process. A work order bill of material (BOM) is generated that allocates, tracks and calculates inventory quantities and costs for finished goods created from component raw materials.

  • Generates summary work orders from sales orders as they are created by sales order entry.
  • System includes component allocation, routing, and Material Requirement Planning (MRP) features.
  • Work Order travelers can be customized with information pertinent to each company.
  • Managers can change quantity or substitute alternate raw products before the work order is created.
  • Orders are routed to work centers for order management and scheduling.
  • Tracks usage of stock and non-stock items, including labor, packaging materials, overhead and outside services.
  • Allows a single bill of material to be used for many finished goods.
  • Allows for up to 99 levels of subcomponents if a complicated workflow is required.
  • Allows work order to be changed at any time prior to completion or posting of the work order.
  • Supports custom work orders from a standard bill of materials.
  • Automatically approves or closes a group of work orders in one step.
  • Can automatically create Purchase Orders from work order requirements.
  • Prints and saves daily yield information by work order.
  • Product labels for finished goods are printed on labels as work order are completed.
  • Pro Form Work Orders
  • Work Order Travelers
  • Bill of Materials
  • Parent & Children Components
  • Finished Goods
  • Route & Work Center Schedules
  • Work In Progress
  • Gross & Net MRP
  • Variance Analysis
  • Product Labels

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