Visual Produce – Traceability

Silver Creek Software offers the latest technology in traceability for packers, distributors, growers, wholesalers, and shippers.

Using the latest scanners, we are able to help you track your produce from the field and/or warehouse to your clients through receiving, pallet tags, creating pack-outs, and shipping.

Our continuously updated, customizable software is delivering standards of the industry to your business and your ever-evolving business needs and requirements.





What can traceability do for you?

Real-time Data

Traceability gives you real-time data on your product with lot and GTIN tracking, whether the need is to track by case, pallet, or pack-out.

Accuracy & Speed

Traceability improves the accuracy and speed of the lotting process.


Traceability improves the efficiency of operating for growers, packers, shippers, wholesalers and distributors.


Traceability improves supply management and inventory control.


Traceability allows you to trace the supply chain for food safety and quality to protect your business from other business’ negligence.


Traceability can allow you to pinpoint a particular food product’s movement or characteristics resulting in public well-being and safety.


Warehouse Management 3.0

Built on the existing Visual Produce inventory management system, this option delivers automation, productivity tracking and reduced reliance on printed pick tickets, receiving manifests and inventory count sheets to effectively manage warehouse operations.

Supported Operations

  • Receiving
  • Picking
  • Product Put-Away
  • Product Let-Down (Pick Slot Replenishments)
  • Physical Counts – Repacking & Processing
  • Site-to-Site Transfers (Inter-Warehouse Transfers)
  • Q.A. Inspection

Product Rotation (Put-Away and Let-Downs)

  • Use the Product Rotation Work Queue Board to setup your forklift drivers and monitor their work.
  • Assign warehouse rooms to one or more forklift drivers to automatically start putting away newly received products that belong to a specific room and letting down product to replenish a pick slot’s quantity in that room.
  • Prepare for the next day’s picking by performing a Replenishment Analysis. Find pick slots that are low on quantity and replenish them with a number of quantity calculated based on Sales Demand, Average usage, or simply up to maximum capacity. The system will automatically suggest which lot to use for replenishment to ensure that product is used in FEFO (First Expires First Out) order.
  • Keep a watchful eye on your inventory by using our Expiring Product Analysis to find product that has expired or product that is going to expire within a number of days your manager specifies. Create a task assignment for someone to move these products into quarantine so that pickers don’t accidentally send your customers soiled product.

Site-to-Site Transfers

  • Use our built-in programs to setup a transfer of product from one warehouse to another.
  • WMS 3.0 automatically creates a pick job at the originating warehouse for someone to grab the product, and then automatically creates a receipt job at the destination warehouse in preparation.

Warehouse Features

  • Enhanced Slotting: Designate Pick Slots separately from Reserve Slots to provide better guidance for workers.
  • Rooms: Assign slots to rooms that describe their environment, such as coolers and dry rooms.
  • Quarantine: Designate an area in your warehouse to store quarantined product for Q.A. Inspection and protect it from being picked or used in other operations.
  • Staging Areas: Create special slots that are used as staging areas for specific purposes such as a delivery staging area in front of the truck dock, or receiving lock.

Traceability Information

The What

  • Item Number
  • Quantity
  • Lot Number
  • GS1® Attributes (Including GTIN)

The Where

  • Product Suppliers (Where it came from)
  • Product Location in warehouse (slots)
  • Customers (who it went to)

The When

  • Real-Time: Know where your product currently is and how many units.
  • Historical: In the event of a recall, the system will tell you each slot a product has been stored in as well as the products that were positioned next to it in case of cross contamination.

Inventory Control

  • FIFO Support: First in First Out product rotation.
  • FEFO Support: First Expires First Out product rotation.
  • Ti-Hi Settings: Tell the system how you require your pallets to be built by number of cases per layer and by number of layers so that you know they will fit into your warehouse slots. Also, you can tell the system how your product suppliers build their pallets so that your receivers can anticipate whether or not they will need to rebuild the pallet when the product arrives.

Order Fulfillment & Product Picking

  • Use our comprehensive Work Queue Board to supply your managers with all the logistical tools needed in a day’s work with built-in displays. These tools include: Route Analysis, Truck and Route Assignments, Picker Roster, Picker Teams and Job Assignments.
  • Use our scanner programs to enable your pickers to record the selected lot number, perform product substitutions, and record product shortage on the fly.
  • Implement our One-Pass Picking methodology to optimize efficiency so that a picker never has to revisit the same area of the warehouse while picking for the same order.
  • Assign large routes to a team of pickers so that the work gets automatically assigned to each team member in the correct stop sequence.
  • Do you have customers that prefer their orders not be mixed with others? WMS 3.0 facilitates this by indicating on a per customer basis whether or not sharing pallets is tolerated.
  • Do you have customers with special requirements? Write an internal note detailing any special instructions for any customer that will appear to a picker before picking begins. you can also specify a “minimum remaining product shelf life” so that the system will suggest grabbing fresher product.

Physical Counts

  • Setup a physical count using a wide range of criteria whether it be from a full warehouse count to a single room in the warehouse, or from categories of product to specific item numbers.
  • Create templates of criteria to expedite setting up routine physical counts.
  • Choose your inventory locking method to keep your slots locked until the count is finished or your slots unlock as soon as they are finished being counted.
  • Assign multiple workers to a count to get the job done faster. You can assign by slot, item number, or manually.
  • Review discrepancies using a consolidated display to allow for a count adjustment.

Product Receiving

  • Use the Receiving Work Queue Board to view expected arrivals and manage the Receiver Roster by date.
  • Use our scanner programs to confirm quantity received at the dock or, if need be, adjust your Purchase Order to reflect what was truly received.
  • Our scanner programs can also record data in a GS1-128® barcode that can store the GTIN Number, Grower Lot Number, Expiration Date, and more into your database automatically. You can also maintain this information manually via workstation.
  • The system prints pallet tags that clearly identify the product and include a barcode for our scanner programs.

Q.A. Inspection

  • Use our Q.A. Inspection board to handle quarantined product.
  • Identify product returned by a customer.
  • Administratively return product to stock or dump product to waste.
  • WMS 3.0 provides the operator an interface to enter reason codes and notes pertaining to the product that was handled (such as temperature, spoilage, etc.)

Repacking & Processing

  • Our Repack & Processing Board is designed to operate with a touch screen to facilitate the data entry required for the procedure.
  • Simply identify which raw materials you intend to use and the system will automatically send a pick job to a picker of the operator’s choosing to bring the raw materials to the processing area.
  • Specify finished goods as you make them instead of trying to predict the outcome. After all, it’s hard to say how many 10lbs bags and 5lbs bags your crew will make from a large bin of onions.
  • Once the job is processed, the system will automatically establish an audit trail to discern which products were used to create any finished goods.

Traceability has become increasingly important for everyone involved in the produce industry. Because of this, Silver Creek Software has provided innovative and powerful solutions to help your company achieve the requirements set by the industry. The combination of Silver Creek Software and Visual Produce will give you the tools, experience, relationships, and knowledge to help your company implement traceability. The ability to track where your produce comes from and knowing exactly where your produce arrives has countless benefits. At Silver Creek Software, we are willing and ready to provide superior traceability services for your produce business needs. Our software is fully compatible with the standards that have been set by the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI has been endorsed by the Global Language of Business (GS1)).

Traceability limits the cost of recalls and suspect deliveries. By providing a standard system of organization across the supply chain of the produce industry, you, as a distributor, supplier, or grower, can report on where the produce was sourced from and delivered to. Silver Creek Software’s inventory management software makes traceability fast, efficient, and streamlined. Investing in traceability protects not only your business, but also your valued customers. Our software will tell you where your produce came from and where it’s going. It’s that easy.

Providing batch/lot numbers is simple with our software’s traceability option. Silver Creek Software offers the latest traceability for packers and distributors. With the latest technology you can track your product from the moment it arrives to the second it departs. Purchase orders can quickly be lotted and organized. Profits, efficiency, and accuracy will increase as labor time and expenses decrease. Our software also provides superior distribution potential for your business. The ability to quickly and accurately recall your produce will not only save your business time and money, but will instill trust in your clients. This will also allow you to pinpoint the supplier responsible for tainted produce.

Always be one step ahead of the curve with our Traceability system in place, let Silver Creek Software help you today! Contact us today and get your company on the right track to trace.