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Produce Distribution

Silver Creek Software offers the latest technology in the produce and food processing industry with traceability for packers, distributors, growers, brokers, wholesalers, and shippers.

Our continuously updated, customizable software is delivering standards of the industry to your business and your ever-evolving business needs and requirements.

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Order Entry

Enter orders from anywhere in the world.

Visual Internet

Visual Internet enables information from the main system to be integrated with the Internet. Place your orders electronically by entering your orders on a simple, easy to use order entry screen, and submit them to the company for processing. Pictures of the items can also be displayed by clicking on a link next to each item offered.

Mobile Ordering

The ability to allow for orders to be placed from anywhere through the SO Entry iPad app will cut down on the many time and location restraints to bring about higher levels of production,

Customer Menus

Rapid entry of a sales order is facilitated through the use of customer-specific menus. Order takers simply need to specify the quantities ordered on a spreadsheet-like grid, press the save button, and the order is completed.


Order guides can be printed in advance and are calculated on pending prices rather than active prices. As a result, price levels can be established well in advance of activation date and new order guides can be created and distributed in advance.

Picking & Shipping

Manage your deliveries seamlessly.

Paperless Delivery

Easily track and organize deliveries through cutting down on paper usage with the Mobile Delivery Tracker Android application to increase daily production and decrease waste generation.

Multiple Warehouses

Multiple warehouses are fully supported. Each customer can be set up with a default warehouse, and orders will be crated and printed using the warehouse specified.

Pick Tickets

Pick tickets are printed in route/stop order so the trucks are loaded correctly for their respective route deliveries. In addition, each pick route is printed in slotted warehouse order so picking operations run smoothly. Change orders are denoted as “revised orders” and the changed/added lines are clearly marked.


Short shipments are displayed on an edit screen that allows warehouse personnel to prorate limited product the correct customers based on pre-defined management criteria. This is accomplished by a unique prorating system that saves warehouse personnel considerable amounts of time during the critical route processing period.

Rapid & Reliable

Speed up production with a powerful tool.


Rapid entry of a sales order is facilitated through the use of customer-specific menus. Order takers simply need to specify the quantities ordered on a spreadsheet-like grid, press the save button, and the order is completed.

Same Day Reports

Sales reports for shorted items can be printed the same day or the following day, alerting salespeople to potential customer problems and giving them time to address the shortages.

Automated Data Checks

Automatic checks for customer credit limits, insufficient inventory, non-resellable seasonal product, and many more user-defined data checks can be set to quickly check for any possible problems.

Product Allocation

The product-allocation routine will look ahead at both incoming purchases and committed sales to determine if product is available to sell today.