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Packing Plant Manager is a comprehensive system that allows for packing shed management, pallet tag creation & tracking, sales tracking, grower settlement tracking, load management, trouble ticket processing and tracking, direct purchases and repack. Managers can track product from the time it leaves the field through the entire packing and sales process. Growers can receive customized reports detailed by field/block/shed/pack line/variety/label/pack size/export/load and many more attributes. Additional attributes are easily added since the program is entirely customizable and comes with source code.

  • Users create packouts from user defined attributes. Attributes include but are not limited to packer, date, field, grower, block, shed, line, variety, label, pack size, export, load, etc.
  • Raw grower product initially received into inventory from Bill of Lading. Grower attributes selected and attached to lots at this time.
  • Packers can assign both raw and packed product to the master packout in any quantity or item order. The System can handle repacks just as easily.
  • As raw product is added to packout, it automatically decreases field bin inventories.
  • Pallet tags can be printed for both raw and packed product. Pallet tags are tracked through the entire packing, selling and accounting process. Tag attributes include but are not limited to tag number, label, block, variety, field, size, color, grade, file, lot number, date packer, shed, line pallet type, weight and date packed.
  • Bin charges, repack charges and handling fees incurred at pallet tag creation can be added to packouts & tracked to final grower settlements. If product is purchased directly, this cost is also tracked to settlement.
  • Pallet tags can be created and cleared individually or in bulk at user discretion.
  • Packout Requirements reports include current inventory & projected requirements by day for the next 7 working days.
  • Order Analysis board displays all orders on a grid & tracks attributes such as truck check in time, time order loaded, order date, customer, load number, load sheet printed, invoice printed, BOLprinted, etc. The board automatically refreshes every 10 minutes. Users can check in/check out trucks directly from the board by clicking on the order or load being updated.
  • Truck Load system tracks freight and up to 4 additional costs for the load. User can identify whether each expense is transferred to grower settlement. Multiple orders can be placed on a single load. Truck load confirmations are printed detailing all information pertaining to each load. In addition delivery stats can be tracked for the loads (did they call in, did they arrive at each stop, etc)
  • Assign pallets function allocates pallet tags to orders and updates order with proper grower.
  • Yield reports can be customized according to user requirements.
  • Packout Requirements
  • Pallet Tag Status
  • Packout Production
  • Packout Journal
  • Sales by Week/Month/Grower/Shipper/Packer/Customer

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