Silver Creek Software – Grower Settlements


Grower Settlements are a comprehensive integrated modification to Visual Produce that allows for users to receive, track and sell product directly from growers and create settlement sheets detailing all sales, charges and adjustments to the product. Settlement reports can span multiple accounting periods and offers the user the ability to finalize and un-finalize orders posted to reports, thus giving much flexibility to the manager in charge of settling the accounts. Mistakes can be corrected and reports reprinted very easily.

  • Orders for both grower product and inventory product are entered on the same screen.
  • When grower product is selected, attributes such as delivered price, grower price and related expenses like freight, brokerage, rebates, storage & misc are presented on the screen for the user to fill in.
  • Normally lot numbers are also identified on the order, tagging specific product/lot number combinations to be printed on both the pick ticket and invoice if necessary.
  • When the sales order is shipped, appropriate data is transferred to grower settlements. From there costs can be added to grower reports and fine tuned for presentation to the grower.
  • Trouble tickets for product deliveries are also addressed, giving management the ability to correct invoices and grower settlements for defective product and delivery problems.
  • Order Analysis board displays all orders on a grid & tracks attributes such as truck check in time, time order loaded, order date, customer, load #, load sheet printed, invoice printed, BOL printed, etc. The board automatically refreshes every 10 minutes. Users can check in/check out trucks directly from the board by clicking on the order or load being updated.
  • Additional costs incurred on behalf of the grower can be either identified and transferred from Accounts Payable or Purchase Orders. The expenses are added by identifying each expense and/ or grower lot number as the PO or AP invoice is created. They can also be manually entered in the grower settlements section.
  • Printed documents include Bill of Lading’s, passings, inspection requests, Canadian Confirmation of Sale, invoices, load reports and Phyto certificates.
  • Grower settlements include all sales, expenses and adjustments that have impacted the grower product. These reports can be customized depending on the requirements of the grower and/or manager.
  • Commissions can be automatically deducted from product sold on the grower settlement report. In addition grower settlements are manually marked as settled when the manager identifies report as final.
  • Summary grower reports can be customized according to user requirements.
  • Create a Grower Statement which includes all activity by package and dollar amount.
  • Accrued grower liabilities automatically post to the General Ledger.
  • Grower Accounting integrates with AP so expenses posted against grower lots are automatically calculated into the grower statement.
  • Once a settlement is finalized, the amount is automatically posted to Accounts Payable where a check can be processed.
  • Allow a separate FOB cost to be calculated on grower statement.
  • Transactions immediately update grower and inventory balances.

Grower Settlements


Each report may be customized from a matrix of user-selected options, displayed, printed exported to a spreadsheet or saved to CD or external device. Some of the reports included are:

  • Grower Settlement Sheet detailing all sales, receipts, adjustments and expenses
  • Grower Liquidations
  • Packer Liquidations
  • Grower Sales History
  • Commission
  • Inventory by Lot
  • Manifests (on preprinted forms or HP Laser Jet)
  • Report (by Manifest, Grower Item Load, Request Date, or Department)
  • Receipts (Summary and Detail)
  • Grower Labels
  • Grower Adjustments
  • Daily Pack-Out Reports generated on demand

Grower Settlements Reports