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Fresh Pack Processing


Fresh Pack Processing addresses the software requirements for the value added segment of the marketplace. The system enables companies with the ability to manufacture customized produce packages and value added labels. It also tracks and allocates inventory and costs through the manufacturing process. Work orders are created for Bill of Material templates allowing the printing of work order travelers. When work orders are completed, costs from the raw components are rolled up into the finished product and inventory adjustments reflecting changes are posted.

  • Standard Bills of Materials (recipes) are created containing the typical raw product quantities Additional items such as bags, labels, boxes, labor and overhead can also be added as components of the recipe, which when completed will add to the rolled up cost of the finished product.
  • When a work order is created it automatically reserves required raw materials as work order allocations in the inventory system. Then when the work order is completed the allocation is deleted and actual product requirements are deducted from inventory.
  • Work order travelers and cost roll-up reports are available upon demand.
  • At various times throughout the day, the product managers can access the Work Order board which looks through new sales orders entered into the system and accumulates required finished item quantities into one screen. From this screen, summary work orders can be created which show the manager how much of what items they need to manufacture in order to meet sales demand for the day.
  • Work order boards will also accommodate daily par amounts and show the manger what typically needs to be manufactured based on three-week averages of past usage by item.
  • Alternate items can be substituted to the work order board when necessary. For example, if bin lettuce is available in inventory rather than case lettuce, the manager can automatically substitute the bin lettuce item number and the system will recalculate roll-up costs and IC allocations based on the new alternate. For each item in the recipe two alternate items can be set up as defaults.
  • Daily yield information is captured and saved from each pack line. Also scrap component can be built into each line of the work order.
  • A single Bill of Materials can be used for many finished goods. Bills of Materials can also be used in Multiple subcomponent levels (up to 99).
  • Fresh Pack Processing provides for routing and work center management.
  • Inventory costs are updated automatically when work orders are completed.

Fresh Pack Processing Features