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Visual Produce’s brokerage management allows produce brokerage companies to conduct business the way they need to operate, rather than being forced to operate within the limitations of “off the shelf” software programs. In addition to offering all of the trademark sales orders functions like menus and contract pricing, brokerage management allows the broker to sell and track orders in a traditional transaction “folder” method. Each order can be assigned a unique order number, which becomes both the receivable from the customer and the payable to the vendor, less the brokerage commission. In addition, all adjustments to the original order are linked to that order whether they originate in Sales Orders, Accounts Receivables, or Accounts Payable.

  • Sales Orders can be initially entered with no pricing or vendor information attached.
  • Our system allows for customer specific brokerage rates that can be overridden by line item at order entry time if the need arises.
  • Order Process Control buy board displays all orders to be booked, confirmed, dispatched, and invoiced. Vendors can be designated, pricing can be established, loads and pickup numbers can be assigned, and status of all orders can be determined from one easy-to-use control center.
  • When orders are shipped, both Accounts Receivable and Account Payable are updated with the appropriate information. There is no need to enter separate payables for each order and vendor as they are created automatically when the sales order is shipped.
  • Adjustments to the invoice or payable after shipment are tied back to the original order, thereby allowing a document trail to be kept for each order as it is invoiced, adjusted, and paid both in AP and AR. These can be printed at any time.
  • Dispatches, passings, orders, and invoices can be automatically faxed at the appropriate times.
  • Allows for the calculation of profit margin at any time during an order’s life cycle.
  • Internet-enabled technology allows for the displaying of passings, agings, pricing and availability, etc. on web pages to users that have been given access.
  • System also allows for remote entry of orders via the Internet.
  • Profitability by Load/Buyer/Customer/Vendor
  • Order Dispatch Form
  • Order Manifest
  • Shipper/Carrier
  • Vendor Confirmation
  • Sales Order Bookings
  • Trial Shipped & Final Passings

Silver Creek Software – Visual Produce Brokerage Management