Visual Produce – Accounts Receivable

Silver Creek Software’s Accounts Receivable system provides the optimal billing and customer tracking setup.

Accounts Receivable is a complete billing and customer tracking system, with extensive sales analysis and reports. It instantly displays and prints 24-month customer sales and 36-month item sales history and graphs. The Visual Produce Business Status Report provides key business measurements in real time.



Invoice Processing

Some benefits invoice processing provides.

Invoice Editing

Allows editing of invoices that have already been shipped from Sales Orders to make price and quantity corrections.

Automatic Application

Handles credit memo application to specific invoices. When creating credit memos, the appropriate credit code for inventory update and sales margin re-calculation are assigned.

Full Printing Control

Invoices can be printed individually or by batch/route/new grouped by date range/if changed/etc.

Transaction Categories

Provides user-defined transaction category codes that allow transactions to be posted to sets of accounts based on both the customer and item sold, enabling flexible Revenue and COGS accounting.

Cash Receipt Processing

Some ways cash receipt processing can help you.

Credit Balancing

Payment amounts greater than the invoice amount can be applied against an invoice, thereby creating a credit balance for the invoice.

Customer Statements

Customer statements can be printed that detail all open invoices and any credits and payments posted to these invoices.

Distribution and Grouping

Cash Receipts can be entered and distributed by invoice or posted as open receipts for later distribution. Invoices that are paid from a corporate account are also grouped by bill-to-number, thereby allowing many invoices from separate customer numbers to be paid from one check.


The Multi-Currency option allows sales to be recorded in the customer’s currency while tracking Revenue and COGS transactions in the company base currency.


The Accounts Receivable system packages the tracking data with in-depth reports capable of delivering an organized and easy-to-read file.

Standard Reports

  • Invoices
  • Customer Statements
  • Customer Mailing

Transaction Reports

  • Credit Memos
  • Cash/Credit Applications
  • Cash Receipts Applications
  • Cash Receipts Register
  • Invoice Register
  • Route Detail, Summary, and Recap
  • Route Truck Manifest

Sales/Status Reports

  • Open Receivables
  • Sales Analysis by Customer, Item, Salesperson, Group, Route, and Chain
  • Past Due Items
  • Customer Ledger Listing
  • Open Receivables
  • Business Status
  • Weekly Status
  • Sales Status