Tableau and Visual Produce

Do you find yourself doing a lot of data entry but wondering how you can look at that data for trends?

Are you trying to understand historical purchases or sales to determine where to focus next?

Are you curious about your own pricing trends and wondering how they have changed as your business has evolved?

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Move your organization from simple spreadsheet reports to visualizations and trend charts.

Create dashboards and views to show real time data using Visual Produce Analytics tools for powerful reporting.

Visual Produce, along with leading tools from Tableau, gives you and your staff views using real time data to help you drive business growth and operational efficiency.

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The new website to manage, organize and share your Food Safety Reports. Quickly supply a login to each of your customers and allow them to view the reports they need. The Food Safety Catalog is very similar to online storage sites like Dropbox and Google Drive, and is simple, easy, and adaptable. All information is stored in the cloud, making it completely accessible from anywhere. No paper, no headache, and we listen to your input.

Go take a peek at, ID is demo and password is demo1.

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