System Manager User Setup

To set up a new user in System Manager go into Application SM-Maintain > Users.

System Manager | Maintain Users

To add a new user, type in a user ID. A message will pop up saying the user ID was not found. Select the Add button. Then say No when it asks if you want to “Copy default values from an existing record?” Type in the name of the user in the Name field and save. The other information is optional.

User File Maintenance 2

Fill out the defaults as shown below. The AutoComplete Folder must be exactly like shown.

AutoComplete Folder

On the Security tab set the password for the user.

User File Maintenance

You will be asked to confirm the User Password and, if you have a SQL backend, you will also be asked for your login for the SQL server.

Login Creation

It will ask if you want to copy user settings from an existing user. Choose No for now.

Now click on the dropdown menu next to User and select Privileges.

User File Maintenance 3

Select Add

Maintain Privileges Verification

A box will pop up and you should choose List

Maintain Privileges | List

Enter 01 (or your respective company ID) into the Company ID box and click OK.
If you want the user to have full access, click Select All and then OK.

Privilege Screen 3

Choose No to “Merge changes with other users?”

If you have no other users to set up then go out the door. Otherwise click Select.

Maintain Privileges

Privileges all users must have:

  • LOGIN – Log into system
  • LOGOUT – Log out of system
  • SMDSPPV – Show privilege ID in privilege messages