Changing the Beginning Check Number


This procedure sheet will provide a simple overview of changing the next check number in Visual Produce to match the actual (preprinted) check number. It is necessary to do this for bank reconciliation and audit tracking purposes.

While the beginning check number can be changed to a higher number during the check print process, it cannot be changed to a number lower than the displayed number. It is advised to cancel the check printing process and follow these guidelines.

Changing the Beginning (Next) Check Number Guidelines:

  1. From AP | Maintain, choose Check Accounts. The Maintain Checking Accounts window will appear, similar to the following:
Checking Accounts Numbers
  1. Enter the General Ledger account number of the checking account for which you are trying to print checks.
  2. When the record is displayed, click the Edit button. The cursor is now flashing in the Account Number Description field.
  3. Move down to the Next Check Number field (click the mouse in this field, or if you are using the keyboard, press the <ENTER> or TAB keys, or the down arrow key), and type in the check number with which you want to start the check printing sequence.
  4. If you attempt to change the number to a lower one, a warning appears, similar to the following.
Checking Accounts Warning
  1. This is to alert you to a possible duplication of check numbers. If this is not the case, ignore the warning and continue by clicking the Accept button. The desired check number will be retained.
  2. Click the Save icon (or press <Alt-S>) to save the window.
  3. Click the Exit icon (or press <Alt-X>) to exit to the AP Main Menu.