iPad Order Entry

The Visual Produce iPad SO and PO Applications give you the ability to conveniently sell or purchase items from your iPad.

Silver Creek Software’s state-of-the-art Sales and Purchase Order modules have been specialized for your buyers’ and salesmen needs, allowing them to create orders from any location.

These iPad apps allow you to introduce the tablet to the produce industry in a dynamic, portable, and productive manner. Our focus is usability and versatility.

  • With four steps you can create, modify, and confirm POs and SOs: select a vendor, select your products, review the order, and create the order.
  • The user interface is designed for you: streamlined, reliable, and usable. Specifically created for touch screen use, Visual Produce Apps are intuitive programs that allow you to be ahead of your own agenda.
  • Easy to understand instructions provide guidance but do not hinder speed or efficiency.
  • The App enables particular use in and out of your company’s infrastructure. There is no need for local connection to you server, as all orders are sent via the Internet.
  • Be one step ahead of yourself and the competition. Purchase goods at a supplier’s location or make a sales order right in front of your valued customer. Your orders will be more accurate and improve in quality.
  • You can literally buy what you see with your supplier. You can make sure you get the best quality produce at the right price with the assurance that your order is sent on time.
  • Make sales with your customer watching. Improve their trust in you by making sure the order is accurate and fairly priced.
  • You can make orders anywhere you need. Be it on the road or at home, you can solve a multitude of problems quickly and accurately.
  • Visual Produce Apps are fully compatible with all of your existing Silver Creek Software products.

Silver Creek Software – IPad Order Entry