Silver Creek Software – General Info

Where It Started

Silver Creek Computers, Inc. was established in 1982 in Boise, Idaho. Prior to our exclusive focus on Visual Produce, we serviced the computer hardware industry as well as selling business solutions, especially customized accounting software to our clients. We grew to become a leading source of IBM, Compaq, HP and other computers, printers and accessories.

We also became a leader in accounting system installations in the Idaho and Northern Nevada areas as well as national accounts in key geographic locations throughout the U.S. After receiving both IBM’s VAR of the Year and Inacom’s Presidential Award of Excellence in 1988-1989, the business grew even more in hardware sales, services, training, and network support.

Silver Creek Software now dedicates its business exclusively to our Visual Produce ERP solutions.

What We Do

Visual Produce is a financial management program that is customizable and designed to address the business needs of fresh produce wholesalers, distributors, packers, shippers, processors, brokers and growers.

Even though we have installations in general accounting arenas, we excel in addressing the unique business problems of companies involved in the production, processing, and distribution of fresh produce to the marketplace – especially when inventory is of high importance.

We are proud to have Visual Produce currently installed nationally and internationally. Learn more about why Visual Produce would be perfect for your business.

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Our Philosophy

“Software is only as good as the support behind it; the delivery of quality support is the most critical element of our continued success. The strength of Silver Creek Software is our ability to focus on individualized customer needs.”

– John Carpenter