Silver Creek Software is the developer and distributor of Visual Produce, a customizable financial management accounting software program designed to address the business needs of fresh produce wholesalers, distributors, packers, shippers, processors, brokers and growers. Since 1982 Visual Produce has evolved into a premier ERP system for produce.
  • “Most of the features and reports we use are right out of the box, because Silver Creek Software keeps up with the industry standards and keeps a pulse through various markets. We’ve done a fair amount of customizations, but the important thing is that we’re customizing what’s already in the platform instead of having to build from scratch.

    In the years that I’ve worked at The Coastal Companies, Silver Creek Software has always been quick to respond to our changing needs. It’s fast because many times, it’s a matter of having to change what’s already inside Visual Produce to meet our specific needs.  When our changes have required a broader scope, Silver Creek Software’s team takes the time necessary to work all the aspects necessary to make it work for us.”

    Rich K, The Coastal Companies
  • “Visual Produce is a comprehensive, all-purpose solution, and one that’s designed specifically for the fresh produce industry. Over the decades and years, as we’ve grown, Visual Produce’s adaptability has allowed for that growth and really helped pull together all the disparate parts of our business, enabling us to grow, because of our ability to work with the Silver Creek Software team customizing every aspect to our very specific needs.”

    Tracy, The Coastal Companies
  • “What we liked about Silver Creek Software’s WMS was that it wasn’t hard-coded with only one set of functioning rules. WMS enabled our IT department to build any algorithm we needed—to create rules that would take into account the specific properties of each product. In effect, we were able to adapt software to meet our business processes, instead of having to make our processes adapt to software.”

    Boxes of Tomatoes in warehouse
    Don D.
  • “We have truly enjoyed the sales process, project management, implementation and support we have received from Silver Creek Software! We are growing and Silver Creek Software’s Visual Produce software is growing with us!”

    Alpha Produce
  • “The Coastal Companies keep growing, keep evolving and with Silver Creek Software’s Visual Produce being so flexible that we can turn on a dime when need be and use the same platform to manage our multiple fresh produce businesses and  manufacturing.

    We manage inventory, create custom sales reports, analyze sales per customer and so much more – we always have a handle on our sales and productivity.”

    Vice President of Customer Care, The Coastal Companies
  • “We have had Silver Creek Software’s Visual Produce software for over a decade and continue to reap the rewards from making the switch from a much larger system that did not allow us to adapt quickly. The benefits have improved all facets of the business from accounting to transportation to customer relation management to warehouse management.

    Managing the business is much easier and more profitable since implementing Visual Produce.

    I thought I knew what we were getting at the time when bringing on Silver Creek Software, but it has turned out to exceed our expectations. The program is a comprehensive solution focused on our industry that allows us to manage beyond just the basics and has built-in growth potential. We can manage so many things like shelf life, cooler set up, puller productivity, FIFO, territory sales teams and much more. Two excellent examples: our puller productivity increased by over 60% and the number of cases we disposed of on a monthly basis decreased by 79%.

    You add to that a very personalized approach to customer service and we couldn’t have made a better choice for our software provider.”

    Nogales Produce
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