Silver Creek Software is the developer and distributor of Visual Produce, a customizable financial management accounting software program designed to address the business needs of fresh produce wholesalers, distributors, packers, shippers, processors, brokers and growers. Since 1982 Visual Produce has evolved into a premier ERP system for produce.
  • “We have truly enjoyed the sales process, project management, implementation and support we have received from Silver Creek Software! We are growing and Silver Creek Software’s Visual Produce software is growing with us!”

    Alpha Produce
  • “From their industry focus and understanding to their personalized attention, Silver Creek Software is a refreshing alternative to the large ERP software companies.”

    Ross, Coastal Companies
  • “What we liked about Silver Creek Software’s WMS was that it wasn’t hard-coded with only one set of functioning rules. WMS enabled our IT department to build any algorithm we needed—to create rules that would take into account the specific properties of each product. In effect, we were able to adapt software to meet our business processes, instead of having to make our processes adapt to software.”

    Boxes of Tomatoes in warehouse
    Don D.
  • “It is almost unprecedented these days for a company to be able to use the same technology for that span of time. The Coastal Companies’ Director of IT Rich Kreuzburg chalks it up to flexibility.”

    “Visual Produce is an all-purpose solution, but one that’s designed specifically for the fresh produce industry. Over the years, it’s really helped pull together all of the disparate parts of our business.”

    The Coastal Companies
  • “Our business model is simple: We receive shipments, re-package things and provide fresh-cut produce, they go on a truck that night, and they’re in the grocery store by the next morning. In the past, when that next morning came around we were still doing the paperwork to get the orders posted from the day before. Now with Silver Creek Software everything is much more real time and we can move product in and out faster with better control. That’s good for our customers and great for our bottom line.”

    Kathy, IT
  • “Visual Produce is a comprehensive, all-purpose solution, and one that’s designed specifically for the fresh produce industry. Over the decades and years, as we’ve grown, Visual Produce’s adaptability has allowed for that growth and really helped pull together all the disparate parts of our business, enabling us to grow, because of our ability to work with the Silver Creek Software team customizing every aspect to our very specific needs.”

    Tracy, The Coastal Companies
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