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Silver Creek Software is the developer and distributor of Visual Produce, a customizable financial management accounting software program designed to address the business needs of fresh produce wholesalers, distributors, packers, shippers, processors, brokers and growers. Since 1982 Visual Produce has evolved into a premier ERP system for produce.
  • “We outgrew our IBM system in 1998 and implemented Visual Produce shortly thereafter. Since then, our business has grown way over 300% in volume and now supports five regional warehouses in neighboring cities and states. We have upgraded to new versions several times as our growth has demanded. With Silver Creek Software continually working with our key personnel to enhance our system; we haven’t skipped a beat!”

    Loffredo Fresh Truck
    Loffredo Produce
  • “Visual Produce is a comprehensive, all-purpose solution, and one that’s designed specifically for the fresh produce industry. Over the decades and years, as we’ve grown, Visual Produce’s adaptability has allowed for that growth and really helped pull together all the disparate parts of our business, enabling us to grow, because of our ability to work with the Silver Creek Software team customizing every aspect to our very specific needs.”

    Tracy, The Coastal Companies
  • “With regulatory environment surrounding the produce industry is in a constant state of flux, Coastal Sunbelt Produce say Silver Creek Software has earned the right to remain the company’s software of record by continually improving and adapting to meet changing conditions.”

    The Coastal Companies
  • “I wanted to thank everyone at Silver Creek Software for their hard work and for making us uniquely competitive in our local markets. We had a lot to learn and learned to manage things differently, which enabled us to utilize our new system more fully. This has made us a better company. We appreciate your time and your service.”

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    California Group
  • “Most of the features and reports we use are right out of the box, initially. We’ve done quite a few customizations, because our business has grown leaps and bounds – the important thing is that we’re customizing what’s already in the platform instead of having to build from scratch.

    In the years I’ve worked at The Coastal Companies, Silver Creek Software has always been very quick to respond to adding features, integrating with new systems, and addressing all their needs. It’s fast because it’s usually a matter of them changing what’s already inside Visual Produce to meet our specific needs – that’s why we continue to grow with and use Silver Creek Software’s Visual Produce.”

    Rich K, The Coastal Companies
  • “Our system has been operating reliably for decades now with very little business disruption, and a lot of business growth…The fast, updated, accurate information that Visual Produce generates for us has helped steadily grow our business, while controlling the bottom line. The products and service we receive from Silver Creek Software has always been excellent!”

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