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Powerful. Dynamic. Customizable.

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Designed to run on Microsoft networks, Visual Produce is a full-featured ERP management system written to fulfill the needs of companies engaged in the fresh produce industry. The software Microsoft SQL Server to deliver excellent performance without sacrificing control.


Scalability of the program allows Visual Produce to serve companies with as few as five users to as many as 300+ users. Performance is dictated by the size and speed of the application servers and workstations on the network. This allows companies to grow into the software as their data processing needs increase while at the same time minimizing their initial capital outlay.


You get maximum control over your accounting system and its growth path. And as your business evolves, you’re never “locked in” because Visual Produce’s complete flexibility keeps your options open. Some products promise “customization” but deliver nothing more than minor screen and report changes. With Visual Produce, your software is truly modifiable.

Leading Technology

Since Visual Produce can be deployed using Microsoft SQL Server, you get the advantage of acceptance by thousands of customers and Microsoft’s extensive research, development, and testing. Unlike other products that rely on proprietary languages and databases, Visual Produce delivers standard technology that’s accepted around the world. Industry standard means reliability, consistency, and a solid product future.

Prepare for Tomorrow

Instantly determine your fastest and slowest moving products, your top customers and vendors, and most productive salespeople. Visual Produce provides immediate access to financial and operational information giving you up-to-the-second data about every aspect of your business. With real-time information, you make strategic decisions in time, not after the fact. Furthermore, we are COOL compliant and, in addition, fully PTI (Produce Traceability) compliant, including the more stringent retail requirements asked for by companies such as Walmart, Safeway, and more.


Real Time Information

With Visual Produce Business Status Report, you can check vital company measurements in real time. It’s like a thermometer for your business. Check your AR balance, AP balance, month-to-date sales and cost of goods. Even see projected totals for the month (or any period). Visual Produce also provides browsers that give you unlimited data access the way you want to see it. Display any information, in any order, customized for any user. You assign the permissions and security codes, so you are in full control.


Visual Produce has been developed for companies that want to use technology as a competitive advantage.

Silver Creek Software’s continuing investment in research and development ensures a future rich in new features and capabilities that will provide your business with better information and control.

Visual Produce provides full integration with most popular spreadsheets, charting, and presentation programs.

The real test of our system lies in the experience of our customers. Serving a large and diverse customer base that handles both durable and non-durable goods, Visual Produce has earned a reputation of excellence within the industry.

Silver Creek Software becomes personally involved with our customer’s business issues and constantly strives to meet their expectations. And we measure our success each month with a detailed report that can be sent to each client upon their request.


Visual Produce offers a plethora of modules and application extensions. Visual Produce can be configured and customized in any way to fit the needs of your business.

  • Sales Orders
  • Inventory Control
  • Accounts Receivable
  • And many more!


Here are a few of the companies we are proud to serve. Visual Produce has improved the efficiency and profits of their businesses in an expedient manner.

Let our expertise and powerful software do the same for yours!